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We are professionals with years of experience in Software & Application Development, Process Automation, Cloud and On-Prem Infrastructure Orchestration, Site Reliability and DevOps Practices.

We can assist you and your team with your solution design and development needs.


Our Services


We will work alongside your company whenever you need a technical opinion or an additional working hand.

Hire outsourcing services to create standardized SRE, Cloud and DevOps solutions for your business, focusing on the overall delivery speed, scalability, and security of your applications.

Software & App Development

We develop cross-platform applications in a variety of programming languages according to your needs.

We work with a variety of technologies: Java, Node.JS, JavaScript, Go, Dart, Flutter, Terraform, Ansible, etc.

Cloud Management as a Service

We will develop and maintain your Cloud Infrastructure with automated orchestration and configuration.

Leave the complex cloud work to us and focus on what really matters.

Solution Architectures

We will help you design the future architecture of your applications and solutions using Cloud Native Solutions.

We will help you migrate from older solutions to the cloud and re-architecture it to Microservices, designing all external integrations, as well as designing the CI/CD pipelines for an Evergreen Solution.

Sourcing Solutions

We will help you with your technical hiring needs, we will find a selection of candidates looking to both cultural and technical fit for your business, looking into both soft and hardskills of these candidates saving you time and money when expanding your business in recruitment efforts.

Web Development

Need an easy to edit website or webapp for your business, let us create a templatised solution for your that automatically publishes and keeps secure backups whenever you edit your solution.

Hosting by SREs

Stuck trying to decide which hosting solution to use, in what regions to deploy, if caching ir required, security setups? We will manage it for you. Just tell us your requirements to us and we’ll setup the best MultiCloud hosting Solution for your needs without overspending.

Research & Prototyping

Looking to develop a new Cloud Native Solution and are not sure how to start?

We will help you research and develop the prototype for your business idea.

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